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New Outerwear

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Women's New Outerwear

You’ll be dreaming of winter looking at Peppermayo’s range of outerwear. Check out these new arrivals for an array of fits and styles all promising to complete your outfit and make this winter your stylish yet. You will be sure to find the perfect fashionable jacket, coat or knit.

Embrace the ultimate wardrobe essential and pick up one of our popular denim jackets. From oversized to embroidered, dark to light washes, Peppermayo has the perfect denim jacket to suit your individual style. Get all cozy with a warm knitted sweater that is perfect paired with jeans and boots to become your go to this season. Be date ready with our structured jackets in an assortment of colours and fabrics, such as faux fur or leather, to make sure that you look perfect for any occasion. Throw on a bomber jacket to run errands or give any outfit a super sporty chic vibe.

Whatever your style, shop new arrivals online at Peppermayo for the must-have garments of the season, inspired by street style and stylish icons. Enjoy our fast shipping and terrific customer service.