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UK Shipping Information


If you are from the United Kingdom, please note that UK's customs are very strict and we recommend you reading about your possible custom duties and VAT liability prior to purchase.

When ordering from us, you:

  • don't have to pay Excise Duty;
  • may have to pay Customs Duty on goods with a value that exceeds £135;
  • will have to pay import VAT on goods with a value that exceeds £15;

Customs Duty is waived if the amount of duty calculated is £9 or under.

Please note that all prices displayed on the Peppermayo website is exclusive of VAT. As we are not a registered business in the UK, we are not legally able to charge you the VAT. The VAT may be charged separately by UK customs upon entry into the UK.

For more information, please refer to the UK customs website: